Axel Schmid El Schmid La Fenice Lamp
  • Axel Schmid El Schmid La Fenice Lamp
  • Axel Schmid El Schmid La Fenice Lamp
The design of the new chandelier La Fenice with its handmade glass pendant elements is absolutely out of the ordinary. La Fenice owes its almost poetic charm to an "organized chaos" of freely shaped float glass elements, which are the result of a sophisticated burning method. The desired surrealistic shape as well as the high transparency of the glass can only be obtained by perfect handicraft skills. Thanks to the elaborate manufacture by hand, each glass looks different. This is how La Fenice becomes a unique piece beyond compare radiating an avant-garde appeal. This chandelier is optionally available in copper-plated or nickel-plated steel. The centre plate of the suspension as well as the ceiling canopy of the copper-plated version are made of nickel-plated steel, whereas the nickel version is completely made of nickel-plated steel. La Fenice comes in a standard length of 110 cm and a diameter of 55 cm. Thanks to an extension rod (300 cm) customized lengths of up to 410 cm are possible. There are 36 single pieces of glass of different sizes, with a thickness of 8 mm and a vertical opening in their upper area, pending from the upper rings to which they are fixed by means of steel wire and hooks.

Every single glass element is cut by hand with a diamond scriber and then the edges are grounded. The individual shape of every piece is the result of the subsequent burning process in the oven. This elaborate workmanship calls for expert skills and a long experience in the field of the specific features of glass.

The light emanates from 9 tubular lamps (40 W). A dimmer instaled in the light switch makes for different brightness settings.

Axel Schmid