Atelier Oï Raperonzolo 471 Mirror
  • Atelier Oï Raperonzolo 471 Mirror
  • Atelier Oï Raperonzolo 471 Mirror
The mirror Raperonzolo by the Swiss Atelier Oï is made with great artisanal skill and high-end materials. As the designers explain: “The mirror, as ancient as mankind itself, provides a vast source of inspiration in cultures, tales and stories and lends itself to be re-interpreted in many ways. Atelier Oï chose to hold its delicate reflective surface, within a poetic and protective frame, made up of interwoven cowhide strips, as it was a cover around the edge. The archaic tradition of braiding (which we took inspiration from), due to its intrinsic natural movement, entails a degree of aesthetics and quality that contrasts with the neutral character of the smooth surface of the mirror. The cowhide strips of Raperonzolo are interwoven and twisted in such a way that they acquire a spatial dimension that is visually complemented in the mirror’s reflection. The surface interacts with the haptic and qualitative frame of the edge, hence shaping the object that depicts itself as well as its surroundings.

The Raperonzolo mirror is available in three sizes (diameters 51/69/105 cm) and in three colours, that can be combined in a set. The plate glass is 5mm thick and edge in interwoven cowhide, in the shade gold, matching the Alcantara® fabric in the colours gold, blue and violet. The wall fastening is achieved by means of metal bronzed plate with turned screw.

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