Arnold Merckx Extempore
  • Arnold Merckx Extempore
  • Arnold Merckx Extempore
Balance between form, functionality and ecology in no matter what application.
Often used in restaurant applications. The horizontally orientated slats create a rest giving effect. Complete garden equipment in the same style.

Design garden and patio furniture, bar and restaurant furniture, contract furniture.

Extempore is a full range of modular outdoor furniture. An architectural collection offering intelligent solutions for all day-to-day functionalities like dining, sitting, resting, reading. Made of the best quality materials for use in- or outdoors without concerns.

Extempore patchwork is the extra long version of the timeless extempore table. The hardwood strips are cut to different lengths creating a beautiful tabletop pattern and allowing table lengths from 300 to 450 cm. Its longest version can accommodate up to 14 people. So it is simply ideal to gather a large group of people for a pleasant meal.

Extempore is available is 11different tabletop sizes:
rectangular: 135x90cm - 160x90cm - 180x90cm - 200x90cm - 225x90cm - 270x90cm
square: 75x75cm - 80x80cm - 90x90cm - 135x135cm - 160x160cm
and in in 5 heights: 105cm - 75cm - 69cm - 45cm - 23cm

All tables can be equipped with lockable wheels to guarantee effortless mobility.

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