Archer Humphryes Architects After Adam Dining Table
  • Archer Humphryes Architects After Adam Dining Table
Sculptural forms that are classically inspired, but with a modern twist are the leitmotif of After Adam, the new collection by Fratelli Boffi created by British architects Archer Humphryes who have wanted to specifically pay homage to the eighteenth-century Scottish designer, Robert Adam.
The old ébéniste tradition and Fratelli Boffi’s artisan experience give life to a rich selection of products in which materials and shapes are the overall protagonists.

Woods, metals, brass, bronze, silver, glass, and leather are like languages inspired by architecture and coordinated with workmanship and sophisticated décor; they mix together in an eccentric collection that, as always, leaves wide room for the ironic and playful vision of the company from Brianza.

What the architects Archer Humphryes wanted to create was a collection of furniture that responds to contemporary comfort and remains modernly functional, though not separating itself from its precious heritage of tradition. The entire concept is developed around modules of elegant simplicity, focusing on the reinterpretation of Adam’s works, inspired by Georgian decoration, to which the British architects have added a careful and intensely current touch of engineering.Preview of After Adam, the Four Tetrarchs table, impressive and majestic in its 3.50 meters of length, quintessentially draws together tradition and modernity.

The linearity of the monumental grey oak top is decorated in a different direction from the wood grain, created by the top’s division into squares that converge in the center. In full contrast with minimalism, the four legs are instead defined by a refined process characterized first by fluid and rounded contours that neatly finish into a truncated cone, almost reminiscent of stylized forms of chess pieces.

Four Tetrarch, epitome of the entire collection, is characterized by a sculptural balance that combines rigorous geometric proportions of classically-inspired architecture and charming minimal decoration. In addition, by researching wood and its specific kinds, typical of Fratelli Boffi, an additional wealth in given, in an unusual harmony between sobriety and excess.An elegant piece, but at the same time ironic, that brings to the mind Memphis’ design, able to join the past and present through the use of unusual, playful and eccentric contours.

length 3500 mm

Archer Humphryes Architects