Anu Moser Moser Lamp
  • Anu Moser Moser Lamp
- Designed by a ceramic artist - Quality of glass ensures evenly lit surface - Carefully designed suspension - Creates uniform, diffuse illumination - Inspired by a falling drop of water

Moser Pendant creates uniform, diffuse general lighting. The designer found inspiration in the nature of glass blown without tools - thus capturing the shapes in different stages, as reflected in the three sizes.

Matt white opal glass.

Anu Moser is a ceramic artist and the Moser pendants can be viewed as a very personal attitude towards the expression of the fixture. Being a craftsperson herself, she highly valued working with the finest quality of materials in order to ensure an optimal illumination. The carefully designed suspension makes the pendant both functional and delicate to watch. The design expression has a rare quality of being contemporary and classical at the same time.

Anu Moser

Louis Poulsen