Antoni Gaudi Batlló Bench
  • Antoni Gaudi Batlló Bench
A company that has always attributed such great importance to the author of the designs could never forget the great figures in history. That is why the Bd catalogue of contemporary creations has always included those by admired classical masters.

Antoni Gaudí (1852/1926) is, without doubt, the most internationally well known Spanish architect. But is not only his buildings and brilliant architectural solutions that have travelled the globe. His integrated conception of architecture led him to pay attention, not only to structural calculations, but also to all the decorative elements, including furniture, that would form part of the building. The admiration felt by modern designers for the furniture designed by Gaudí has not gone unnoticed by Bd which was the first company to rescue them from history by embarking on their serial production using traditional art and craft techniques and the same materials –varnished solid oak– in order to reproduce all the rich detail displayed by the originals when they were first produced.

Furniture Batlló 1906:
In 1906, Gaudí finished work on the Casa Batlló, a typical urban house on Barcelona’s Passeig de Gràcia, which he transformed into one of the most outstanding buildings in the city.The furniture he originally designed for the main dining room is also preserved at the Gaudí Museum in the Park Güell. The Batlló chair and bench produced by Bd are an exact reproduction of those anatomical designs, both in shape and materials.

Antoni Gaudi

Bd Barcelona 1972, SL