Antoni Arola Ferrer Flúor 07 Lamp
  • Antoni Arola Ferrer Flúor 07 Lamp
The Flúor '07 lamp and system are the outcome of a complete renovation and improvement as a result of Antoni Arola's intensive quest for a fluorescent system capable of marking a departure from conventional ideas. Flúor personalises large areas while at the same time offering excellent performance in terms of energy use and exceptional environmental quality. Available in two versions, the 80 W lamp and the system, a combination of various smaller 54 W modules, both with a single model of transparent plastic shade, with another shade of fireproof fabric inside and a diffuser screen in the lower part.

Grey lacquered aluminium structure.
Transparent plastic screen with fire-resistant fabric and white diffuser screen.
Nickel satin circular rosette.
Electronic reactance.

Antoni Arola Ferrer

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