Anonymous Hl 99 Pendant Lamp
  • Anonymous Hl 99 Pendant Lamp
Hanging lamp with opaque globe. One of the first designs for a lamp employing electric light bulbs was a hanging Iamp consisting of a chromeplated tube with opaque globe, created before 1900 by an unknown hand. Many architects – Peter Behrens, Adolf Loos, Josef Hoffmann – used this type of lamp for interior lighting. Similar designs by Marianne Brandt and Hans Przyrembel had been created in the Bauhaus. In the twenties and thirties, this lamp was produced in large numbers for use primarily in schools and offices. lt is available in five sizes: with a 200 mm, a 250 mm, a 300 mm, a 350 mm, or a 400 mm opaque globe. The chromeplated tube is one meter in length, but may easily be shortened merely by sawing off one end, since the junction holding the tube is unthreaded.

Pendant length always 1000mm. Longer or shorter pendant available with surchage.

Available in 2 variations and different sizes (see table below):
HL 99/... Chr
HL 99/... M

Each lamp is consecutively numbered and bears this logo: TECNOLUMEN