Anne Heinsvig and Christian Uldall Helgo Small Armchair
  • Anne Heinsvig and Christian Uldall Helgo Small Armchair
The idea behind the bean bag Helgo is to create an archetypical bean bag. It has the simple - almost naive - appearance of a traditional bean bag yet it is shaped more like a 'regular' chair and therefore it appears less childish. Its informal and functional style and its contemporary design allow it to fit into many arrangements - free-standing or next to a wall. The shape provides structure and comfort making it a more applicable chair than other bean bags. Its perpendicular shape is emphasized by a pipe which is a reminiscent of garden furniture cushions.

 Helgo chairs are made in a small and a large size with an ottoman and can be used regularly or upside-down, as building blocks, cozy corner or tumbling furniture. The upholstery is made from 100 % sun acrylic which is used for shop awnings. The fabric is extremely durable. It rejects dirt and because of its hard-wearing qualities, the chair can also be used outdoors. It is stuffed with polystyrene pellets - a high quality product that do not crumble or collapse when the chair is being used.

Polystyrene pellets
100% Sunacrylic

Light grey mellance, grey light brown, red mellance, green mellance

W55CM x D65CM x H26/55CM

Anne Heinsvig and Christian Uldall