Andreas Weber Bach Floor Lamp
  • Andreas Weber Bach Floor Lamp
  • Andreas Weber Bach Floor Lamp
Overall height:
Approx. max. 180 cm
Vertically adustable for approx. 40 cm
By screw ring from 140 cm to 180 cm

Round conical, 24 - 19 - 45 cm
Line lacquer or silk

Single-flame, E 27, max. 150 W bulb, pull switch, incl. dimmer on cable, black

High-grade steel plate square
25 x 25 x 1 cm
High-grade steel, matt
High-grade steel, polished

Base and metal fixtures materials:
matt stainless steel
polished stainless steel
matt shadow finish, bronze
matt shadow finish, colour mud

Lamp-shades for BACH are available in over 20 lamp-shade colours and materials and in translucent, colour silver/gold reversible. All COLIBRI silk lamp shades are with translucent white lining. Optional lining in gold, silver or copper available. The translucent version comes on the inside with translucent plastic-foil.

Andreas Weber

Christine Kröncke