Anderssen & Voll Bow Sofa
  • Anderssen & Voll Bow Sofa
The sofa BOW is designed in cooperation between Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik and the 2 Norwegian designers Anderssen and Voll. The process has been multi-annual and there has been a very good dialogue all along, also at the time when they were part of the Norways Says. Erik Jørgensen has focus on the Norwegian market and cooperation with the 2 designers was obvious.The BOW sofa is moving away from the normal ideas of an archetypical sofa. We experiment with surprisingly layout and reverse curved shapes. The name of the sofa refers to the comfortable and relaxing shapes you find in a hammock, hereof the name BOW. A kind of hammock, which is stretched out between 4 corners, underlined by the 4 slim legs on both sides.BOW is designed, upholstered and covered by traditional craftsmanship and provide fantastic seat comfort. For the sofa you find a complementing chair in same design.

Anderssen & Voll

Erik Jørgensen