Anders Ruhwald Glaze Lamp
  • Anders Ruhwald Glaze Lamp
The elaborate studio process of trial and error and direct manipulation of materials Anders Ruhwald works with led to the development of the Glaze lamp bases. In a sense they were discovered, not designed, because he experiments with surfaces, textures and materials until he finds the right result. The uniquely textured surface of these lamps is the result of a clay coiling process in which the surface becomes a record of the hand that made it; thus Glaze has a level of originality more often found in exhibition pieces.

The three bases are a play on traditional table lamps, that is, ceramic feet with shades on top. Simple fabric cone shades set the exceptional bases off to perfection. Glaze’s three colourways are inspired by primary origins – yellow, red and blue. But, like the shape of the lamps, the colours are unusual; each element of the design is close to its foundation but too far away to have a direct relationship.

The lamps play on original formats and activate the space they sit in. Although they are each independent, they can be united in one space by virtue of their uniform satin glaze.

Anders Ruhwald

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