Amanda Levete Edge Lamp
  • Amanda Levete Edge Lamp
Edge is driven by a desire to exploit a technology that is in its infancy but is destined to change the way we see light. Dubbed the "new lighting technology of the 21st century", an OLED is essentially an extremely flat, lightweight panel.

When switched off, the panel resembles a mirror, but as soon as a current is applied, the whole panel lights up, casting out a gentle, evenly dispersed glow of light. Philips has named this technology Lumiblade.

Unlike traditional light bulbs, Lumiblade gives no flickering of light, no glare and no excessive heat emission. Instead, there is simply a subtle sheen of light. Levete wanted to reveal the wafer thin essence of OLEDs and create a light that is completely reductive in its simplicity. A flat ribbon of steel is twisted into a self-supporting form.

A groove is then cut into the steel, off center, to allow the cable to be expressed and to exaggerate the movement of the piece.

diameter 400 mm

Amanda Levete

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