Alvaro Siza Lorosae Lamp
  • Alvaro Siza Lorosae Lamp
Pendant with diffused light for general lighting of small and large environments. Two versions in methacrylate and three in blown glass. In the methacrylate version (two sizes, one with diameter 70 cm andthe other 40 cm), Lorosae enhances performance as regards lightingwith methacrylate reflectors; such material is quite advantageous as regards lightweight and colour fastness (it does not turn yellow).

In fact, the curvature of the bowl exploits the characteristics of this transparent material in terms of lighting technology: it refracts the incident light rays with angles exceeding 30° and reflects the very close light rays with angles less than 30°. Hence the bowl diffuses two thirds of the light it receives from the lamp while it reflects the remaining third. Consequently there is an agreeable diffusion of the light: dominating projection downwards (with accurate perception of the environments) and very soft diffusion upwards.

The elegant version with triple-layer blown glass comes in three sizes (40 cm., 30 cm. and 20 cm. diameters) for lighting rooms of conventional heights.

Alvaro Siza

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