Alfredo Häberli Softbox Sofa
  • Alfredo Häberli Softbox Sofa
  • Alfredo Häberli Softbox Sofa
The idea behind the Softbox sofa is that of associating two contrasts: the geometric structure of the sofa, solid like a box, and the extreme lightness of the cushions, resting as if about to take off. For this reason the legs are very slim and high, while the surface disappears under the shadow of the cushions. The intent is also that of giving a single-colour look and therefore structure and surface appear to be made of the same material. The covers are in the new Plot fabric of Kvadrat, again designed by Alfredo Häberli. A series of modular small tables accompany the sofa, also upholstered with the idea of expanding on the single material of the sofa.

Alfredo Häberli