Alfredo Häberli Book Couch
  • Alfredo Häberli Book Couch
  • Alfredo Häberli Book Couch
I am a book fanatic. I am fascinated not only by the contents, but also by the haptic aspects, the weight and the peace that books radiate. Always, I thought it a pity that one can look only at the cover and not the insides. Then, for my exhibition in the museum for design in Zurich, I sketched a book couch - from one single piece of aluminium sheet metal: lasered, tilted, anodised. An idea which comes from observation of everyday life – and certainly, it is also inspired by Calder. His sculptures, which are cut and are bent from one piece, keep inspiring me to this day.

L 40 x W 14 x H 15 cm / aluminium, anodised blue

Alfredo Häberli