Alfred Homann Strata Lamp
  • Alfred Homann Strata Lamp
  • Alfred Homann Strata Lamp
- Designed for an office building in Copenhagen - Direct downward illumination - Three rings Reduce glare Reflect light onto ceiling Ensure soft transition

Strata Micro creates symmetrical downlight. The rings reduce the angle of glare and catch some of the light, reflecting it onto the ceiling to ensure a soft transition between the trim and the ceiling.

White, powder coated.

Strata Micro was designed out of necessity in connection with a project where Alfred Homann did a renovation of an office building in Copenhagen. He wanted to use the incandescent light source for a soft, warm and pleasing general illumination in the building. The ceiling height was low and the actual build-in space for the fixtures was very limited.

These design issues were solved by: 1. Choosing a white reflector, which has less glare than regular mirror reflectors. 2. Choosing an incandescent light source where no electrical components were required and therefore not a lot of need for built-in space.

Alfred Homann

Louis Poulsen