Alfred Homann Pulsar Lamp
  • Alfred Homann Pulsar Lamp
  • Alfred Homann Pulsar Lamp
- Designed specifically for compact fluorescent - Concept allows maximum benefit from light source - 24o angle of shade ensures optimal light on primary surfaces - Pulsar 135 is self-enlightening - Illumination varies from diffuse to direct

Pulsar 135 is able to provide general lighting in a space. The major part of the light is directed downward, but, depending on the chosen conical shade, the lighting characteristics vary from diffuse to direct lighting.

Metallic, wet painted. White opal acrylic.

Alfred Homann was asked to design a ceiling fixture using a compact fluorescent light source. The concept is based upon a logical connection between the energy saving light source and a minimal shading of the fixture in order to get maximum benefit from the light source.

The knowledge of the abilities of the compact fluorescent light source was limited and therefore designing these fixtures required a number of experiments with different models. The result was that a 24° angle of the shade was the optimal, if the light was to provide the primary surfaces like floors and tables with a decent light. Alfred Homann saw that the bottom of the light source was very poorly used. He solved it by allowing this light to pass through a slit in the variants with the full cone, thereby self-enlightening the fixture.

Alfred Homann

Louis Poulsen