Alfred Homann Kipp Lamp
  • Alfred Homann Kipp Lamp
  • Alfred Homann Kipp Lamp
Key features
- Post top designed for smaller roads & parks - High architectural adaptability - Easy cleaning & maintenance - Glare free & symmetrical illumination - Downward, uniform & wide distribution of light

Kipp Bollard emits symmetrical downlight. The angling of the inner diffuser ensures together with the slightly curved design of the top shade a wide and uniform distribution of the light. The design of the internal diffuser furthermore ensures optimum, even and glare-free lighting.

Finish: Aluminium coloured with textured surface or graphite grey, powder coated.

Alfred Homann was asked to design a post top for smaller roads and parks. He was told to take four points into consideration. Design a post top: 1. with broad applicability 2. at a determined cost price 3. that is easy to clean 4. and easy to maintain The demand for broad applicability from the beginning indicated that the fixture should have a classical and modest design expression, which makes the fixture suitable for endless repetition.

The Kipp Post consists of three main parts, the housing, the polycarbonate cone, and the opal diffuser. When the light source needs to be replaced, you only have to unscrew one screw and then tilt the top - you hold no loose parts from the fixture in your hands. Alfred Homann said that, “The overall idea has been to design a pole fixture based upon logic and minimization.”

Alfred Homann

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