Alfred Homann Homann M2 Wall Lamp
  • Alfred Homann Homann M2 Wall Lamp
  • Alfred Homann Homann M2 Wall Lamp
- Custom designed for classical buildings in Copenhagen - Square back plate - incandescent - Rounded back plate - compact fluorescent - Asymmetrical & downward illumination - Luminaire form can be seen in complete darkness

Homann M2 emits asymmetrical and direct downlight. The quarter globe is raised from the backplate, allowing light to pass through and reveal the luminaire form when illuminated.

Finish: Aluminium coloured with textured surface or white, powder coated.

Homann Wall was initially designed as a custom product for a renovation project of classical buildings in Copenhagen. To Alfred Homann one issue was very important: The proportions of the back plate of the fixture had to be dimensioned according to the size of a standard Danish brick. This gave him the opportunity to mount the fixture so that it fitted into the design of the wall, thereby not disturbing the pattern of the joints.

At the same time the fixture could be mounted evenly with the wall. Homann Wall is designed to hold an incandescent light source. Homann M2 was developed as a fixture to hold a compact fluorescent light source.

The back plate of this fixture is rounded, for two main reasons: 1. The natural area for this kind of light source to be able to enlighten is rounded. 2. It enables you to differ between the two variants, even from a distance. The clarity in the design makes this fixture a modern classic.

Alfred Homann

Louis Poulsen