Alfred Homann AH Light System
  • Alfred Homann AH Light System
  • Alfred Homann AH Light System
- Family of fixtures - illuminate secondary areas and boardrooms - Trim flexibility - “Soft & sharp family members”; Alfred Homann - High architectural adaptability - Trims control down light & create soft and ambient illumination

AH System 360 offers a system where lighting effects result from a combination of matched matt or polished reflectors and light distribution parts (LDP). The LDP trims are designed to control directly reflected downlight, while also emitting soft light to the surrounding space and ceiling. The system can be used to create basic as well as sophisticated lighting schemes.

Polished aluminium. Satinised aluminium, wet painted.

The overall idea behind the AH System has been to develop a family of ceiling fixtures able to deal with all the needs for lighting up the interior of a building, all the way from secondary areas to boardrooms. Even after installing the fixtures, the flexibility within this family allows you to change the trims as the function of the space changes.

Alfred Homann says that, like in all other families of a more human nature there are common, quiet members as well as members that make themselves more noticeable! There should also be soft and sharp members. And finally, the family should keep itself young and contemporary - preferably for many years. Superfluous family members do not exist.

All the members of the family should be able to perform by themselves and have each their own individual justification. Due to the diversity in the AH System, it is possible to fit these fixtures into any type of architectural setting.

Alfred Homann

Louis Poulsen