Alexander Seifried Famille Garage Changing Table
  • Alexander Seifried Famille Garage Changing Table
‘Famille Garage’, living in a garage...? The child’s room as a workshop...? Exactly that!
Memories from his childhood became the driving force for Alexander Seifried for a modular furniture set, a “Baukasten”. What’s really special about it is, that it’s not a changing table with a life span of 3 years. ‘Famille Garage’ meets the demands of toddlers as well as those just starting school or even later, when the shelve and the high quality plastic boxes become a storage in the bath room for young couples.

The tablet of the changing table becomes a desk top for the child to play at. ‘Famille Garage’ can be simultaneously used as storage or shelving, seating, a plaything or just somewhere to tinker about. Wooden “table legs” are the basic element on which tops and shelves can be attached. The high quality, heavy duty plastic boxes, German made and originally for use of food, are available in 2 sizes and in colors red, blue, yellow or semi transparent.

Alexander Seifried

Richard Lampert