Alessandra Pasetti ENT Lamp
  • Alessandra Pasetti ENT Lamp
  • Alessandra Pasetti ENT Lamp
ENT (Exportable Natural Tree but also referring to the name of the tree people from the Lord of the Rings saga) is a mobile outdoor lamp which also easily blends in with any living room décor, because its dual purpose is to shed light outside when necessary and provide the reassuring allure of nature in indoor settings.

Inspired by the shapes of a leafy tree, the ENT base rests on three legs representing the roots of the plant, two of which feature castors to make it easier to move. Small branches populate the base, the first low down, on which to wind the long power supply cord if necessary, and the second, slightly higher up, is the on/off switch. The lampshade which metaphorically represents the tree's foliage is made of crumpled polythene fibre fabric, which is highly weather resistant, washable and removable; when the lamp is on, it enhances a weft with a strong vegetable feel.

The ENT collection includes a floor lamp and two suspension models. The first suspension, fitted with a canopy, is ideal for verandas and porticos. In the other model, the lampshade is attached to a steel cable with an elegant latch which can be secured to any support when necessary, for instance the branch of a tree. The floor lamp comes with an accessory, a delightful little table that encases the base.

On all models, ENT is equipped with a 12-metre long power supply cord to ensure full mobility of the lamp outdoors, even when the electricity socket is far from the point which requires lighting. ENT was designed to be taken outside, it moves towards nature to become one of its elements and the materials with which it was made allow it to approach the environment further: the metal base and the fabric lampshade are both 100% recyclable. Even the packaging was conceived to ensure genuine energy and resource savings; indeed, the collection is designed to be taken totally apart, including the floor lamp.

height 1900 mm
head of lamp diameter 800 mm
head of lamp height 600 mm

Alessandra Pasetti

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